5 Reasons for Concrete Construction

Different concrete structuresConcrete. We see it everywhere; at the park, on the street, in our homes, where we shop, where we worship, where we eat, and where we walk. According to ScienceDirect, concrete is the most consumed material in the world, second to water. It is so commonly used in construction we take it for granted. Have you ever wondered why we use concrete to construct our buildings, homes, shops and entertainment areas?

Reasons to construct with concrete

  1. Concrete is strong. A chemical reaction between cement and water gives concrete its strength. Cement is a powder made up of limestone, calcium, silicon, iron, and aluminum. When cement is mixed with water it forms a paste, like glue, binding together sand, gravel, and crushed stone. The paste hardens over time setting and adhering the pieces in place.
  2. Temperature tolerant. In the midwest where temperatures can range from below zero in winter to over 100 degrees in summer, concrete will retain its form and strength. To properly prepare concrete for those extreme temperatures and prevent spalling, scaring or pits, it is important to pour concrete with the right amount of water, at the right environmental temperature, and allow for the right amount of time for it to cure.
  3. Easy to maintain. Sealing concrete extends the life of it, makes it resistant to stains, and retains its visual appeal. In addition to sealing, we recommend keeping your concrete clean and dry, using a ehumidifier in enclosed places, and making sure the drainage system is working properly.
  4. Cost effective. Only a few key materials are used for making concrete. Materials that are relatively plentiful in supply and easy to acquire, making the cost to produce it reasonable. The fact concrete can last almost forever makes the investment well worth it.
  5. Aesthetically pleasing. Accurately leveled surfaces and fine-tuned finishing work provide that smooth, glossy finish look we all love to see. It is versatile in that you can create different designs by cutting it into various shapes and sizes. Different finishes and sealants can be applied in varying colors creating unique designs.

Concrete is the go-to material for most construction projects. When you’re looking for a reliable partner to pour concrete for a commercial building foundation, home foundation, or flat surface, call Kurk. We are a partner that goes above and beyond to get the job done right. 


Looking Back at 2017 | Kurk Inc

The relatively warm start of December allowed more projects to be started and extended our last minute push to wrap up site concrete and paving for the year. Now, that things have finally settled down after the busy holiday season and even busier December construction push, we can take a little bit of time to look back on the successful year of 2017.

9 Ready Mix Suppliers and 19,000 Cubic Yards of Concrete Later…

With 2017, came a change in our concrete ready mix suppliers. The purchase of one of our ready mix suppliers and moving into some new markets allowed us to develop relationships with some new ready mix suppliers while still maintaining strong relationships with ready mix suppliers we have grown with over the last decade. In 2017, we used more ready mix suppliers than we have used in years past including RKW Ready Mix, Gleason Redi Mix, Sonag Ready Mix, Riv/Crete, New Berlin Redi Mix, Lycon Ready Mix, Zignego Ready Mix, Dodge Concrete, and Schmitz Ready Mix. I think we can safely say we have used almost all of the ready mix suppliers in South East Wisconsin.

Ground Breaking 2017

In 2017, everyone at Kurk, Inc worked on over 100 projects completing 21,818 linear feet of concrete foundation walls and 729,547 square feet of concrete floors.

Here’s a few photos from 2017…

Coleman Tool Building Addition

We have just about completed the Coleman Tool Building Addition in Union Grove, WI with Design 2 Construct in 2017. This Spring, we will finish up some exterior canopy work at the job.

Coleman Tool Building Addition
Coleman Tool Excavation
Coleman Tool Building Addition
Interior Column Footings at Coleman Tool
Coleman Tool Building Addition
Footings Ready for Precast at Coleman Tool
Coleman Tool Building Addition
The Start of Precast at Coleman Tool
Coleman Tool Concrete Pavement
Exterior Concrete Pavement
Coleman Tool Building Slab
Interior Floor Pour with Laser Screed
Coleman Tool Building Addition
Interior Slab at Coleman Tool

Midwest Form & Supply

We are working with Bower Design & Construction to complete a new shop for one of our suppliers, Midwest Form & Supply. At this job we did the complete site grading, excavated for the pond, installed site utilities, and completed a loading dock retaining wall.

Site Utility Installation at Midwest Form
Site Utility Installation
Overall Site at Midwest Form with Pond
Midwest Form Pond Excavation Completed
Retaining Wall Construction at Midwest Form & Supply
Loading Dock Retaining Wall

Bower Design & Construction Foundations

Speaking of working with the team at Bower Design & Construction, we completed a few more projects with them in 2017. The Kurk crew worked on a few different custom home foundations as well as completing a new park pavillion for the Racine County Agricultural Society at the Racine County Fairgrounds.

Yorkville Home Foundation
Footing Stone & Pour for Yorkville Home
Pavilion Concrete Slab Construction Racine County
Pavilion Slab for Racine County Agriculture Society
Excavation for New Home Foundation
Excavation at Caledonia Foundation
Using conveyor to stone footings for new home foundation
Stoning Footings at Caledonia Home

Yorkville Turn-Key Foundation Package

We worked with Zach Building Co, a custom home builder based in Pewaukee, WI, on an executive home in Yorkville, WI. Our contract including total site preparation, concrete foundation, and concrete flatwork.

New Home Foundation Excavation Yorkville, WI
New Home Foundation Excavation
Concrete basement wall formwork
Basement Wall Forming
Site Grading & Backfill at Yorkville Custom Home
Site Grading & Backfill at Yorkville Custom Home

A Few Other 2017 New Home Foundations

Dewatering during home construction
Heavy July rains required us to pump this Kenosha home foundation two different times.
Renovation Construction in Yorkville WI
Garage Renovation in Yorkville
condominium foundation waterford
Condominium Framing in Waterford
Kohler Ridge New Home Foundation
New Home Foundation in Kohler Ridge Subdivision, New Berlin, WI
Aerial View New Home Foundation
Franklin New Home Foundation
exterior concrete flatwork
Exterior Concrete Flatwork & Entry

Commercial Construction in 2017

While a few of the over 100 jobs we worked on in 2017 were new home foundations, many of them included commercial work, such as the Community State Bank drive through renovation, new medical offices for Dr. Sandvick and Dr Schueing, Muskego City Hall, Merz North America, and many more.

Commercial Building Renovation
Community State Bank Drive Through Renovation
Concrete floor preparation Mount Pleasant, WI
Pale Properties Phase II Floor Preparation
Port Washington Dentist Office Foundation
South Milwaukee Chiropractic Office Foundation
Rain Damage at Muskego City Hall
Muskego City Hall Foundation Construction
commercial building renovation
Merz North American Renovation
Commercial Building Footings in Union Grove, WI
Commercial Building Excavation in Union Grove, WI
Commercial Building Excavation in Union Grove, WI
Commercial Steel Building Construction
Setting Bolts at Community State Bank

Looking Forward to 2018

With all of the projects completed in 2017, we are unfortunately unable to share photos for every single job. We have set our goal to share more projects with all of you in 2018. We will be sharing our projects by posting blog updates and updating our portfolio on the website. We will also be sharing photos and news on Facebook and Instagram, so be sure to follow us there!

Now that the sub zero weather has taken a short break here in Wisconsin, we have officially started the 2018 construction season! As we type now, we’re preparing to head out to Madison to work with our friends at Oak Park Place and currently have three projects in the excavation phase and will be pouring footings this week.

The new year will bring many new projects that we look forward to completing. We hope you’ll check back soon to see what everyone is up to at Kurk, Inc.


Amanda & the Kurk Crew