Experienced Commercial Foundation Builder

Build with confidence and peace of mind knowing our experienced team, quality materials, and the latest construction technology is establishing a level, safe, well-draining concrete foundation for your commercial building.

Working with Us

We understand job sites, tight timelines, contractor schedules, and the coordination efforts needed to successfully manage and  complete a project. 

Our relationships with contractors and subcontractors ensures open communication, accommodated scheduling, adherence to change policies, respect, cooperation, and a focus on safe-work practices. 

Kurk crews are assigned based on project scope, details, expertise, and availability to secure the right team of workers to get your foundation set.

Constructing with Confidence

You can be confident in your foundation construction based on our record of experience. We have cleared the ground and set the foundation for a variety of buildings: 

  • Multi-family building foundations and site concrete
  • Underground parking structures
  • Commercial and professional office buildings
  • Mixed-use foundations, including slab-on- grade construction and full basement construction
  • Mat slab machine base installation and renovation
  • Self-storage building slab construction, such as Trachte Building Systems
  • Community-Based Residential Facilities’ (CBRF) foundations, slabs and site sidewalks, concrete curb, and trash enclosure areas
  • Commercial additions
  • Industrial foundations and flatwork
  • Warehouse foundations and concrete flatwork
  • Concrete parking lots
  • Factory building foundations

Plans in place for a project not listed above? We’re not afraid of a challenge, let’s chat to discuss solutions.

Floor & Decor Brookfield Slab Demo

Ligchine Laser Screed Concrete Flatwork for Horizon Retail Construction