Foundation Excavation

Our excavation team will review foundation plans prior to arriving on site to ensure that all of the foundation and site details are planned for and taken care of. Once our team arrives on site, we can install a tracking mat, stone driveway, culvert (if necessary), and silt fence. We will also strip the topsoil from your building foundation pad and start excavation. During the excavation, our layout team will be on call and ready to stake the foundation excavation to prepare for the footing crew.

Foundation Backfilling

Once the the foundation has gained enough strength, our excavation crews can begin backfill.  After the foundation is backfilled, the excavation team will rough grade the property. Proper rough grading includes grading the site to drain away from the foundation for drainage and makes sure the next construction crew can access the foundation.

Accessory Building Excavation & Prep

Are you ready to build a new shed, barn, or detached garage? Kurk, Inc. can help! Our site preparation crew will remove and strip the topsoil in the area of your accessory building and install the base for your building slab. Depending on your site grading conditions, our team may have to build your building pad up with clay, compacting the clay in lifts, prior to installing a stone base for your building.