Two construction workers overseeing a foundation being filled in with rocks

Overcoming unsuitable soil to properly prepare for concrete construction

It’s not often we construct two residential homes side-by-side at the same time. Job site locations next to each other can be beneficial in terms of equipment accessibility and crew management but we were quickly met with unknown soil challenges in both locations that put us to the test. 

As the designated contractor for excavation, tree removal, foundation construction, flatwork, including garage slab and sidewalk, and final grading for both locations, we had to quickly solve the soil issue, establish a new plan, and be efficient to avoid stalling the projects.  

We worked through the problem of unsuitable soil by first leveraging our positive working relationships with local contacts to aid in the removal of the material. We used twice as many dump trucks and identified an appropriate dump location, negotiating with the landfill company on the most economical and environmentally appropriate disposal of the material. 

Once the material and inferior soil was cleared with the help of Kriel Tree Service and others, we focused on preparing the earth for residential building. Our engineer and team determined the best solution was to excavate both home locations nearly eight feet deeper than planned and install a clear stone base to build the base level up to the correct elevation. Once the base layer was established, we proceeded with building the concrete foundations and executing on the project as planned. 

Kurk Inc is equipped to meet the unique challenges that job sites can present and is proud of our network of local professionals who band together to build strong and prosperous communities.

Interior Concrete Flatwork for Commercial Concrete Slab Pour at Floor and Decor

Excavation and Concrete Flatwork for Commerical Renovation Project

Kurk, Inc. removed and replaced 75,000 square feet of 6” concrete flatwork of an interior slab as well as miscellaneous site concrete at the Floor & Decor commercial development project in Brookfield, Wisconsin in 2017. 

As the excavation and concrete subcontractor for Horizon Retail Construction, we removed the existing interior slab because it was poured at varying levels of thickness, which did not meet requirements. 

Our excavation crew removed areas of the existing slab, regraded the subgrade to provide a level stone surface and prepared the area for our flatwork crew team to install a new concrete slab. 

View the carousel of pictures to review the process, including highlights from pour number three of over 15,000 square feet and about 300 cubic yards of concrete dispatched from Gleason Redi-Mix, Norway Plant.

Find out more about Kurk, Inc’s flatwork and excavation services.

Rendering of Community State Bank, Union Grove, Wi with canopy over the drive-thru window

Community State Bank Phase II: Drive-thru canopy

We couldn’t be happier to be back at Community State Bank working on the excavation and concrete for their new drive-through window canopy. We helped with the construction of the main office at 1500 Main Street, Union Grove, WI in 1998 and  have been chosen to help with the update and renovation.

Duffek Construction has partnered with the team at Kurk, Inc. and Community State Bank to construct the drive through canopy on the South side of the building.

The new drive through canopy will consist of two teller lanes and a night deposit/ATM lane. Kurk, Inc. will be removing some of the existing parking lot on the South side of the existing building in order to excavate for the canopy drive through foundations. In addition to the canopy foundations, we will be restoring the parking lot and site by adding some concrete curbs and sidewalk at Community State Bank. Visit the Community State Bank website or Facebook for more information about their addition and renovation.

We started the Community State Bank Drive Through Canopy in early November. The first day consisted of saw cutting and removing some of the existing parking lot pavement in order to excavate for the canopy foundation.

More photos coming soon!